Women Relationship Advice What is a Successful Relationship

Women Relationship Advice What is a Successful Relationship


     Women Relationship  advice what is a successful relationship.The Single most Important thing is that Men and women complement each other. Its  your feminine qualities are what attract him. His masculine qualities are what attract you. Of the many ways men and women think differently, here’s one of my favorites. Women agonize over finding an outfit that is stylish and trendy for a first date.  Men are often a little behind in recognizing women’s trends. Women may actually send confusing signals to his brain if your outfit does not automatically trigger a familiar “that’s a feminine style” label at an unconscious level of

women relationship advice

Women Relationship  Advice. Have dinner together


Women  Relationship  Advice

Ask him after the date what you were wearing.You would be astonished at how little he remembers. One thing will stand out in his mind though. Anything that accentuated your feminine qualities in a relaxed and comfortable way will be attractive to him. In fact, the simpler and less fussy the patterns and cuts of your clothes, the more likely he is to have a positive first impression.women relatationship advice

Here’s another interesting one. Men aren’t all that interested in getting to know you on a first date. If you ask him how it wen. He will answer  about what it feels like to be in your presence than anything else. While women are likely to respond to a friend’s question with comments on details.   They will tell  his occupation, or the number of brothers and sisters he has.  The way he held the door open for you or stood until you are seated Men  will be operating based on the emotions you generated in him.

Men tend to be more “here and now” when it comes to relationships. They do much less plotting and planning about the future of a relationship than women do. They are also far less likely to read into details and try to anticipate what those details mean about you. If he senses you are happy, that will go a long way toward creating a positive feel to his interactions with you on a first date.

women relationship advice  Women relationship  advice   One of the most significant ways men think differently than women has to do with conversation topics. One thing that women find interesting is discussion of things that are going on with friends and acquaintances. Some women find this kind of conversation topics so interesting that they have a hard time understanding just how boring it is to most men. There are exceptions, but most men will come away from long discussions of what so-and-so did or said with a feeling of being trapped by boredom. Try to avoid talking about other people that he doesn’t know. Be especially careful not to talk about problems between other people. It may be a relevant part of your life, and something that’s interesting and important to you, but a first date is not the place to introduce him to that part of your life.

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